Mike Huckabee Defends Rick Scott, Calls Riptide an "Idiot" on Fox News

So apparently Mike Huckabee reads Riptide, and apparently he thinks we're just idiots. The former Arkansas Governor-turned-Fox News host had Rick Scott on his program this weekend, and the two discussed Scott's dismal poll numbers. Huckabee decided to blame the press, and as evidence flashed a Riptide blog post headline on screen. He then called us idiots. Ouch.

"You're doing a lot of things people had hoped you would do, and yet (your) approval rating recently has not been stellar," Huckabee told the governor. "And I'm stunned as to why."

According to Naked Politics he then showed the following three headlines from Florida newspapers on screen:

Sun-Sentinel: Is Rick Scott the country's worst governor?
Miami New Times: Will any GOP 2012 candidate even want Rick Scott's endorsement?
St. Petersburg Times: The job-killing governor

Hey! That's us! Our snarky little blog alongside two editorials from big boy daily newspapers. Yes, none of those headlines comes from actual straight news articles, and ours was only printed online.;

"What is it about the newspapers and the press there that just seems to want to ignore the obvious of the positive successes that Florida is experiencing?" Huckabee asked Scott.

Huckabee seems to think that Florida's slowly declining unemployment numbers since Scott took office should be reason enough to prove Scott's success (though, its hard to give credit to Scott for those job gains just yet, and they do mirror national trends).

Huckabee also particularly took offense with out wonderment over whether anyone would want Scott's endorsement (which, by the way, was triggered by an article asking the same thing on conservative website The Daily Caller).

"Can I tell you that every one of them are going to want it and they would be proud to have it and anyone else who thinks otherwise is simply an idiot," Huckabee said. "And I'll say that about the newspaper who had the audacity to put that headline in there."

That idiot newspaper being Riptide, which is in actuality the idiot news blog of an alternative weekly.

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