Midtown Miami Gets Defensive About Its "Green Space"

The two-and-a-half acre plot of grass and nothingness in the center of Midtown Miami has had a tumultuous history. Now only known as the "Green Space", it was supposed to become a series of fancy gardens. That was scrapped in early 2011 after the

high-falutin' landscaper never got past the tear-up-the-ground-and-throw-shit-around stage


It's a natural space for a park, and people--not the people with the money, mind you-- have bandied around forward-thinking ideas. This January, a construction company was hired to flatten the area and return it to its grassy splendor so people could hang out there while developers figured out what to do with it.

But now, as Curbed Miami points out, there have been "Private Property" signs erected, telling people to keep off the now-flattened grass... or not? When we reached out to Midtown Miami for an explanation, shit got confusing.

We emailed Midtown's director of operations, Deborah Samuels. We noted the signs "barring pedestrians," as we put it in our email, from the space and asked her what the property might become.

She called in what you might call a pseudo-huff. "The sign doesn't 'ban' people from the property," Samuels corrected us. "There are holes and mounds and other things. We're just trying to keep people from falling."

We then asked Samuels what will be built in that space. "We're just trying to figure out now what makes sense," she said. She added that she thinks whatever is built there will follow Midtown's current "vision" of a "boutique walking-around area", rather than a "generic shopping center".

That's right, Target. You're boutique. You too, Starbucks. Also you, um, Ross Dress For Less. Go on with your bad selves. (Update: Samuels does not apparently believe these big-box stores are "boutique". She called to tell us that she was referring to the half of Midtown that has Sugarcane and the Cheese Course, and other mostly-independent restaurants and stores.)

We asked Samuels if the Green Space might become a park.

"No, I don't think so," she replied.

She then reiterated that nobody's been "banned" from the grass -- but also added that it is indeed private property.

So if we're understanding correctly, go ahead and laze on the grass in your lunch hour. Play tackle football, even. Host a dog-fighting ring there. But just don't sue Midtown Miami when you get hurt. To be on the safe side, we're going to say here that you also shouldn't sue us, either.

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