Mickey Rourke Must Beat Two Fidel-Loving Dirty Communists

We haven't seen any of the performance that will likely be honored with an Oscar nod (except possibly Heath Ledger's Joker), but the race is tightening up. Local crazy person Mickey Rourke is still in the running for his turn in The Wrestler, but Sean Penn jumped into the lead with his performance in Milk

Now we like to pick our Oscar favs like John McCain picks running mate: we prefer the long shot, unstable picks. Which is why, job unseen, we're already rooting for Rourke. And, ugh, we hate Penn sooooooo much. For one all of his work is Oscar bait (hello, I Am Sam). Then there's his self-important political stunts. And the most contentious issue for us personally is that he already stole Bill Murray's Oscar with his overstrung, scream-y performance in Clint Eastwood's forgettable Mystic River. Of course, locally the fact that he's the Castro's Hollywood BFF might sting a bit more. 

He recently interviewed Raul Castro, for reasons we aren't really sure of and seems to have Fidel on speed dial. Also being thrown about as a potential competitor in the best actor race is Benicio Del Toro for his performance in Che. Babalu is already up in arms about that flick. 

So it fittingly is up to Miami's own Rourke to make sure these communist propagandists don't walk away with the little, golden bald man. Lay the smack down, Mickey. 

p.s. Assuming we get around to seeing the movies, we'll still be rooting for Milk in the picture race over The Wrestler (assuming it gets nominated, which is more of a long shot than a nod for Rourke's performance), because we hate Aronofsky and love Van Sant. 

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