Mickey Rourke and Bai Ling: A Match Made in Worst-Dressed-List Heaven

We know, we know. We've already met our Mickey Rourke post quota for the day, but when you commit to covering the phenomenon that is the Rourke comeback, you really have to commit.

Seems Mickey may have found love or something like it with another confounding Hollywood phenom, Bai Ling. Officially Ling's career is taking bit parts in one B movie after another, but really she's known for showing up on any red carpet that'll have her, looking like something that exploded out of the closet of an early '90s Barbie Doll. Now Mickey can be her Ken Doll, plastic face and all.

Rourke was hanging out last night with main Oscar opponent Sean Penn (apparently they made up) when he crossed paths with Ling and the two ended up sucking face. Gossip blogs are going bananas over it. So we thought the least we could do was pass it on to you, because we are Riptide, the only blog on the Internet that covers celebrity gossip, county crane ordinances, state politics, doughnut drama, and sports on the same day. [Image via Hollyscoop]

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