Michelle Obama Accidentally Endorsed by Miami-Dade's Twitter Account

Those of us with access to professional organizations' Twitter accounts live in fear that we'll accidentally send a tweet meant for our own personal followers. I for one wouldn't want the entirety of @MiamiNewTimes' followers to know that I had a dream that Diplo was dating my mother. Oh, wait, whoops.

Anyway, someone who controls the official @MiamiDadeCounty Twitter account accidentally endorsed Michelle Obama in the 2016 presidential race last night.

The Tweet was deleted, but not before a few Twitter users caught wind:

The county's Twitter feed has been busy making apologies all morning and has sent the same basic message to users who caught the tweet.

The first lady talked a lot about jobs last night in her speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Let's hope someone at Miami-Dade County Hall isn't out of one after this Twitter slip-up.

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