Michael Salzhauer Hosts "Hunt For Your Treasure Chest," A Breast-Themed Scav Hunt, This Weekend

Dr. Michael Salzhauer is an outlier in the already strange world of Miami plastic surgeons. He's as talented as his competitors, but "Dr. Schnoz" is famous for his wacky stunts like his notorious "Jewcan Sam" video, a plastic surgery patient fashion show, and offering free Botox to his Facebook followers.

As our feature article on the odd doc showed, however, Salzhauer is no callous Nip/Tick cad. His heart is in the right place, as his latest practice promo proves. This Sunday, Salzhauer is hosting "Hunt For Your Treasure Chest," a breast-themed scavenger hunt in which contestants can win a (nearly) free boob job. Proceeds go towards fighting breast cancer.

"At first we were going to hide breast implants in different bars," Salzhauer tells Riptide. "But I didn't want people fighting over them."

The scav hunt kicks off at noon on Sunday at Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery, 1140 Kane Concourse, Bay Harbor Islands.

Contestants must be women at least 18 years old. Because the American Society of Plastic Surgeons prohibits giving away surgical procedures, there is a $10 entrance fee. All contestants must be cleared as medically qualified for surgery.

The women will search for various boob-related items on South Beach, Salzhauer explains. Some of them might be actual breast implants hidden around town. Others will require creativity.

"A friend of mine told me about a contest where Apple was hiding new iPhone 5s in England," Salzhauer says of the idea for the contest. "I thought: 'That's such a good idea. Why not do that with breast implants?'"

The woman who ends up with the most points on Sunday will receive a free boob job. All funds will go to the Susan G. Komen for The Cure foundation.

"You might have to take pictures of yourself wearing a pink ribbon on Lincoln Road," Salzhauer says of the scav hunt. "Or you might have to take a picture of yourself with two large jugs of milk. Who knows? It's fun."

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