Michael Jordan Predicts Heat Will Win After Watching Game Two on South Beach

OK, it's not just A-Rod in LeBron's corner anymore. None other than Michael Jordan thinks the Heat are going to win the championship this year. The legend didn't make any sort of public pronouncement, but apparently that's what was overheard last night when he took in the game at Haven Lounge on Miami Beach last night.

According to GossipExtra, Jordan showed up to the trendy Lincoln Road eatery last night alone to take in the game, and then was joined by a group of friends later on. Which, what the hell? Who's going to be late to watching the finals with Jordan?

Patrons broke out into a chant of "Jordan! Jordan!" when a Jordan commercial aired during the game.

"And after the game's final buzzer sounded, His Airness was overheard predicting that the Miami Heat would win the championship!" reports GossipExtra.

Which is exciting, and should maybe, hopefully ease LeBron's Jordan-complex. Then again, what else do you expect the guy to say while watching a game the Heat won while in Miami Beach?

"Yeah, you guys, I know the Heat just won, and I know Dwyane Wade is one of the main faces of my Air Jordan line, and I know ya'll like this team and you seem like fine folks, but you know what, I'm pretty sure OKC is still gonna win it."

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