Miami's Trending Topics Now Monitored by Twitter

Maybe it's part of our city's slight inferiority complex, but we kind of felt left out when Twitter rolled out the ability to view trending topics by geographical region earlier this year and didn't include Miami in the trackable cities. Well, that great slight was rectified last week when the microblogging service added a handful of new cities, including Miami. That's right -- now you can get a glimpse at the thoughts of Miami's Twitterati.

When we first checked out Miami's trending topics last night, they weren't particularly local:

Of course, the Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway put "Homestead" in the top ten, while last night's WWE pay-per-view event at American Airlines Arena also made "Survivor Series" a trending topic. Oddly, last night a lot of Miamians were busy talking about Broward.

​Many of these topics were trending nationally too. Though "Vadhir," as in Vadhir Derbez, winner of Univision's Spanish-language answer to Dancing With the Stars, seems local. We heard he was also trending at some point this weekend.

To keep an eye on Miami's trending topics, click "Change" under the "Trends" section of your profile.

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Kyle Munzenrieder