Miami's Latin Builders Association Calls Donald Trump "Repugnant," Pulls Gala From His Resort

You're Donald Trump. You're running a presidential campaign where the only clear part of your platform is that you regularly insult Hispanic immigrants and proudly announce that you want to deport every undocumented one. 

Yet the single most profitable business in your portfolio happens to be a golf resort in the middle of a county with a giant Hispanic and immigrant population. Yeah, you're going to find yourself in some trouble. 

Univision, which has major production studios next to Trump's Doral Golf Resort, is already in a major feud with the man. Miami-Dade County has officially condemned him. Local GOP congressmen are critical of his campaign

Now the powerful Latin Builders Association is cutting its ties to Trump. The LBA is the largest Hispanic construction association in the United States, and both the organization itself and its members are major corporate players in all facets of 305 life. The LBA is especially a local power player in Republican politics.

The organization was scheduled to hold its annual gala at the Trump National Doral Miami in November, but now the executive committee has decided to pull out according to Politico, even if it means forfeiting its five-figure deposit. 

Executive director Melissa Tapanes Llahues made the announcement at a luncheon at another iconic Miami hotel, the Biltmore, this afternoon according to the Miami Herald

"Most regrettably, Mr. Trump's recent pattern of bigoted, sexist and ignorant verbal assaults on immigrants, women and veterans have made hosting the installation gala at the resort unfeasible," said Llahues. "It is unfortunate that such a majestic location is now inextricably associated with someone who is simply antithetical and repugnant to the LBA's legacy and mission." 

Though many members of the LBA are Cuban and they and their families had a different path to citizenship than other Hispanic immigrants, as Llahues pointed out, she said they still find his remarks indefensible. However, Politico points out that anonymous sources say there was also concern that the association with a Trump property could make selling sponsorships difficult.
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Kyle Munzenrieder