Miamians Passed Over For Another Cabinet Post

America, meet your new Transportation Secretary (reportedly)! It is Republican Congressman Ray LaHood. Miraculously LaHood did not serve in the Clinton Administration or run against Obama in the primaries like every other member of the Cabinet, but he is a white guy and from Illinois (oops, he's of Lebanese decent. Just like Shalala!) 

Of course this means that Miami-Dade Aviation Director José Abreu will not be getting the job (though, another high level position in the department is possible). Neither will Manny Diaz, who MSNBC reported at one point was being vetted for the position.

In case you're wondering, LaHood didn't run for re-election this time around, and empty congress seats in Illinois are most often filled by special election, anyway. So, sadly, Rod Blagojevich will not be able to sell his seat.

--Kyle Munzenrieder


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