Miamians Hate Vehicle Repair Shops So Much, Consumer Agency Reports

Unfortunately in Miami we're all too familiar with bad service, ridiculous pricing and shady business practices, so to become Miami's most hated industry you really, really have to go out of your way to be terrible.

So congratulations vehicle repair shops of Miami-Dade County. You truly are the worst.

The South Florida Business Journal reports that Miami-Dade's Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources' consumer protection center received 696 complaints about auto repair shops in 2012, far more than any other type of business.

It's the sixth year in a row in which auto repair shops have come in first with the most complains. Which only make us wonder what people could have possible been pissed about seven years ago?

However the number of complaints are down 29 percent from last year.

Here's the top ten types of businesses that received the most complaints:

1. Motor vehicle repair, 696 complaints

2. For-hire transportation, 394 complaints (91 of those were related to lost items)

3. Housing services, 175 complaints

4. Towing, 171 complaints

5. Automotive sales, 153 complaints

6. Mail order, 127 complaints

7. Utilities, 118 complaints

8. Cell phones, 99 complaints

9. Retail stores, 96 complaints

10. Transportation, 86 complaints

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Kyle Munzenrieder