Miamians Are Watching the Winter Olympics Less than Almost Anyone in the Country

Personally, we barely understand what is going on during these Winter Olympics. Apparently we aren't the only ones in Miami who feel that way.

Out of the 55 television markets monitored by Nielsen, the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale market has come in 54th in terms of viewership, according to Glenn Garvin. The only city that cares about the Winter Olympics less than we do is New Orleans ...but they're too busy being hungover from their Super Bowl celebrations and throwing beads at each other during Mardi Gras.

What's our excuse?

Probably that none of the sports in the Winter Olympics could be played outdoors in South Florida, and hence very few people here have ever partaken in or even understand most of them. Plus, very few Caribbean, Central and South Americans have much of a presence in Vancouver, giving Miami's immigrant population even less incentive to tune in.

Then again, West Palm Beach can't get enough. They're the only market in the top ten in terms of viewership not in the North.

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