Miami Woman Convicted for Trying to Stop Police From Tasering Her Handicapped Son

Ana V. Ramirez's 25-year-old son, Christian Pagan, has Down syndrome. In April 2010, Pagan flew into a violent rage, and Ramirez had little choice but to call 911. She specifically asked officers not to use a Taser because Pagan has a heart condition. Well, they zapped him anyway, and now a jury has convicted Ramirez and her other adult son for trying to stop the incident.

During her 911 call, Ramirez specifically asked that a stun gun not be used to subdue Pagan, but a female cop pulled out her Taser when the young man charged her outside the family home in west Kendall. According to the Miami Herald, she said she feared for her safety. Not to be sexist, but why was a female officer dispatched to deal with a fully grown man with mental disabilities who was in the midst of a violent outburst?

Ramirez and her other son, Hernando Yunis, tried to remove the Taser's prongs from Pagan because of his heart condition. They ended up cuffed and charged with "resisting arrest without violence."

After the incident, Pagan spent several weeks recovering in the hospital.

Ramirez and Yunis have been convicted of the crime. However, Miami-Dade County Judge Andrea Ricker Wolfson is at least trying to be somewhat considerate. The two will not serve jail time, and the conviction will not be placed on their criminal records. But they must pay $400 each in court fees.

[Herald: Jury convicts West Kendall mother who tried to stop son's Tasering]

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