Miami Will Probably Lose Out on Hosting Super Bowl XLVIII Today

Miami has hosted the Super Bowl ten times, more than any other city, and we do a pretty good job of it if we do say so ourselves. Today at the NFL owner conference the site of the 2014 Super Bowl will be determined, and along with New York and Tampa, Miami is in the running. We probably won't get it.

While it's not a guarantee, commissioner Roger Goodell is reportedly hot on the idea of having the big game played in the chilly Big Apple for the first time ever. The Jets and the Giants will break in the shiny, new Meadowland Stadiums next season (which, you know, is technically in New Jersey), and there's currently no plans set to make any major renovations to Sun Life Stadium by 2014 (besides the possibility of five embarrassing name changes).

The New York Daily News, which admittedly might be a bit geographically biased, says that Miami will likely be knocked out in the first round with Tampa and New York battling it out for hosting rights. They say only five teams, in addition to, we assume, the Bucs and Fins, are opposed to a cold weather game in NY/NJ: The Texans, Bills, Steelers, Cardinals and Ravens.

Update: Yep, New York and New Jersey will be co-hosting the first cold weather, outdoors Super Bowl in 2014. Miami's bid was the first eliminated.

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