Miami Strip Club Sorry About Putting MLK Jr. on Its Flyer

Jeffrey Darnell Paul had a dream. A very, very poorly thought out dream. He dreamed that it would be totally OK to put Martin Luther King Jr.'s image on a flyer promoting a party at a Miami strip club. Turns out he was a bit surprised when most people with some common sense thought it was more of a nightmare.

Paul, a flyer designer and owner of South Side Grafix and a DJ known as Big Boy, makes flyers for The Office, a strip club at 250 Northeast 183rd Street. He was trusted to put together a graphic promoting the club's party on Sunday night that was scheduled to end at 6 a.m. on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This is what he came up with:

The flyer spread around the Internet, and now Paul is feeling the heat.

"I wasn't trying to disrespect anybody ... it wasn't on my mind that it would escalate to something like this," Paul told NBC Miami. "It was just supposed to be a promotional thing, it wasn't about disgracing Martin Luther King, it wasn't about that."

The club's owners say that they had not seen the flyer, but don't appear to have answers as to why they were holding an MLK party at a strip club in the first place.

At least someone is learning something out of the fiasco.

"I apologize about it, I'm taking full responsibility," Paul tells NBC Miami. "I wish it could have gone down a different way but I'm learning from it and trust me, I'm not going down that route again."

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