Miami Social Set to Debut Next Month

Word around town is that an air date has finally been set for Miami's latest reality series (being billed as a "docu-drama"). Details from Bravo TV's Miami Social have been flooding the beach, and we hear that the show is supposed to be hitting airwaves July 7.

Speculated cast member, and Miami "Socialite" Ariel Stein was overheard spilling the beans about the show to the Kardashian sisters at the opening of their Miami "Dash" location last Wednesday. (The sisters are currently in town filming a reality series for Bravo rival network E!) Apparently, one of the main fights of the series is a confrontation between two cast members about Ariel's questionable "friendship" to Kim Kardashian. By the look on Kim's face, she seemed clueless on the topic.

Other story lines sure to be included are the on-the-rocks marriage of "celebrity apprentice" Katrina Campins and the antics of Miami's (questionably only) celebrity journalist and ego maniac, Michael Cohen.

The show's main drama will be centered around staged, cocktail-infused meetings at the Gansevoort South Hotel.

Sources say that Bravo is expected to announce the series' debut, along with cast details, tomorrow. But unless you were living under a rock last year while they were filming all over the Gansevoort, it's safe to assume the show will include Michael Cohen, Ariel Stein, Katrina Kampins and Hardy Hill (of Big Brother season 2 "fame").

We stopped by the Facebook pages of some of the alleged cast members and have some photos of the group. Enjoy.

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Jessie Luttman