Miami Sends First Former Reality TV Contestant to State House

Voters in district 115 last night hired a man to represent them in the state house who had previously been fired by none other than Donald Trump. Yes, with the election of Jose Felix "Pepi" Diaz, Florida's legislature now includes a former reality TV contestant. At least he starred in a somewhat, uh, "classier" show like The Apprentice. Hopefully we'll never see the day when, say, a former Rock of Love cast off drunkenly stumbles through the corridors of power in Tallahassee.

Diaz was a contestant on the fifth season of The Apprentice. He didn't last long though, and was promptly fired in only the second episode. He was the team leader for "Synergy Corp" when they tasked him with creating a marketing campaign for some five-blade razor. The team's strategy involved wearing bath robes, and they ended up sleeping in on the day of the marketing event. So anyway, Diaz got fired for his lack of leadership.

Oddly, he made no attempt to hide his experience on the show and promoted the experience on his website.

Diaz, a 30-year-old Cuban-American attorney, however managed to raise massive amounts of money in the race to replace out-going Rep. JC Planas. He ended up cruising to victory with 64 percent of the vote against Democratic challenger 'Doc' Solomon. District 115 extends from the Fountainebleau area in the North down to Culter in the South.

Diaz was not the only former reality TV riff-raff to win an election last night. Former Real World cast member Sean Duffy was elected to Congress out of Wisconsin.

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