Miami Ranks Last in Almost Every Category in "Volunteering in America" Report

This is just shameful. Volunteering in America released its annual report about the community service habits of residents of major U.S. cities. Of the 51 cities, Miami came in dead last on the volunteer rate. Only 14.3 percent of Miamians volunteered. New York City and Las Vegas tied for the 50th spot, but their 16 percent looks downright respectable. Minneapolis-St. Paul ranks first, with 38.4 percent of its residents volunteering. 

Miami did, however, edge out NYC and Vegas in average number of hours spent volunteering, with 22. Which is still only good for the 49th ranking. The Magic City also comes in last for "volunteer retention," the "baby boomer volunteer rate," and the "young adult volunteer rate"; is tied for last in the "millennial volunteer rate"; and ranks second-to-last for "older adult volunteering." So congratulations to old folks for being slightly less lazy than the rest of us. 

What do we need to do get people to volunteer around here? Put a velvet rope around a Habitat for Humanity site? 

"Oh, I'd really like to let you in, honey, but we are just booked solid today. Can you buy a bottle? A bottle of clean water to send to orphans in disadvantaged countries? No, well you should try the soup kitchen down the street. They'll let in just about anyone, and next time, would it hurt to make sure your work belt matches your boots?"

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Kyle Munzenrieder