Miami Ranked Fourth Funnest City in America

People who say there's never anything to do in Miami need to get over themselves. Because according to the decidedly un-fun wisdom of statistic, Miami is the fourth funnest city in America!

Portfolio.com gathered statistics on 14 types of fun businesses (this is from a business site after all), and then analyzed them using a formula based on both the total number and number per 100,000 residents. These were then divided into seven broad categories: shopping, food and drink, culture, popular entertainment, gambling, and high-impact and low-impact sports. For a study of fun, this sure sounds boring, but stay with us.

Miami came in first overall for popular entertainment, which included things like movie theaters, spectator sports, and arcades. We also came in second for shopping.

We also scored eighth for culture, which included performance arts, museum, and historical sites, but surprisingly not art galleries.

We scored lowest, at 39, for "high-impact sports," but considering that took into account skiing facilities, we're not really surprised. We were 13th for low-impact sports, which includes golf; 19th for dining and 15th for gambling.

Overall, we earned a fun index of 11.74, and no we don't know what that really means.

Keep in mind, this is all based on pure volume and concentration, and doesn't take quality into account.

New York City took top honors, while Chicago and Boston slightly edged us out for second and third place respectively.

Other big Florida tourist destination are apparently not so happening. Cape Coral came in 37th, Tampa slummed in at 47th, and Orlando (eeeechk) came in at 42nd.

Anyway, we think this calls for an impromptu dance celebration:

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