Miami Ranked 15th Worst Drivers in America, Hialeah 12th

It's the tenth anniversary of Allstate Insurance's "Americas Best Drivers" list, and as usual, South Florida cities find themselves near the bottom.

Of the 200 cities ranked, Miami has the 186th "best" drivers, or 15th worst. Meanwhile, Hialeah came in at 189th, or 12th worst. Both cities have fallen further down the list since Allstate began publishing it ten years ago.

The list is compiled using Allstate's claims data, with the number of years between an average driver's accident being the main factor.

However, this year the list also includes rankings that take into account other factors, such as rain, population, and city density. Miami didn't do particularly well in any of them. Here's how the city stacked up:

MIAMI, FL is the 186th safest driving city

2014 rankings:

Population: 189th

City density: 171st

Rain and snow: 185th

All conditions: 173rd

Miami is up slightly from its 187th ranking in the previous two years but down from its all-time high of 169th in 2009. Mind you, that is not a particularly impressive all-time high.

Hialeah does consistently worse. Here are its rankings for the year:

HIALEAH, FL is the 189th safest driving city

2014 rankings:


City density:180th

Rain and snow:188th

All conditions:183rd

Hialeah, however, is up from its worst ranking of 192nd of 200 in 2012. Hialeah's best ranking was in 2008, when it came in at 177th.

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Kyle Munzenrieder