Miami Ranked 15th Best Big City for Sports Fans, Coral Gables 21st Best Small

South Florida sports fans have experienced some of the highest highs and the lowest lows: the best season in NFL history and one of the worst, a baseball team that has won two World Series and finds new and almost comical ways to miss the playoffs every other season, a college football team with almost as many national championships as it has national headline-worthy scandals. 

So when WalletHub released their best cities for sports fans today we didn't expect to be at the top, but we weren't exactly expecting to be at the bottom either. Lo and behold, Miami came in 15th for big cities and 22nd overall. Meanwhile, Coral Gables, home of the Hurricanes, came in 21st for small cities and a respectable 54th overall. 

The list is actually an aggregate of five previous WalletHub rankings of the best cities for the five major sports. 

Here's where Miami stacked up: 
Football: 35th
Basketball: 13th
Baseball: 24th
Hockey: 350th
Soccer: 150th
The rankings include both college and Division 1 professional teams are were determined by a mix of a team's performance and factors like ticket price, stadium accessibility, and fan engagement. (The reason we aren't dead last for baseball: well, Marlins tickets are dead cheap and that stadium is smack dab in the middle of town.)

Of course, what teams exactly were included wasn't clear. Obviously, the Panthers didn't count towards Miami's ranking. Sunrise got its own ranking on the spot (299th overall, but 15th best for hockey fans). However, the Dolphins were included despite technically playing Miami Gardens. Coral Gables got its own ranking, which accounted for all UM teams. It's unclear where FIU's teams were factored in here. 

Here are Coral Gables rankings: 
Football: 26th
Basketball: 122nd
Baseball: 74th
Hockey: 350th
Soccer: 350th 
So there you have it — it's officially easier to be a Hurricanes fan than it is a Dolphins fan. We're a little surprised at Coral Gables' low ranking for baseball, considering the Hurricanes' baseball team does have a field right on campus, attracts a sizable and consistent audience, and consistently performs on the field. So, like all lists, take this one with a grain of salt.
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Kyle Munzenrieder