Miami Ranked 11th Worst Traffic City in America

It's not exactly a secret that traffic in Miami is bad, so the only thing surprising about a new list out today is that Miami didn't make the top ten.

According to data released today by the INRIX Traffic Scorecard, Miami has the 11th most congested traffic of any city in America.

According to the report, over the last year the average Miamian has wasted 28 hours in traffic. In March 2013 alone Miamians lost 2.5 hours in traffic, and 2.7 hours in February.

To put that in prospective, the average American only lost 11.9 hours in congested traffic in the past year, so Miamians spend more than twice as much time in bad traffic than the national average.

Though, ten other cities do have it worse. Los Angeles, Honolulu, San Francisco, Austin, New York, Bridgeport, San Jose, Seattle, Washington, D.C. and Boston constitute the top ten. So, we don't have it so bad.

Also consider that when all of North America is taken into account, Miami drops to 14th place. When European cities are included, Miami doesn't even make the top twenty five. Which makes you wonder how many European visitors we get that actually think traffic in Miami is a breeze.

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Kyle Munzenrieder