Miami Police Officer Michael Juchnowski Fired for Pepper Spraying Taxi Driver

Michael Juchnowski, A City of Miami Police officer, has been fired for a variety of reasons including his part in a bizarre pepper spraying incident on Miami Beach last month. Juchnowski, who lives in Miami Beach, was apparently distraught after his firing, so much so that the Miami Beach police sent out a memo telling their officers to be cautious if they are called to his apartment. 

Random Pixels has obtained memos related to Juchnowski's firing. On December fourteenth he got into some sort of bizarre road rage incident with a taxi cab driver near Lincoln Road and Meridian Ave in Miami Beach. While in his car Juchnowski got into an argument with the cab driver who was picking up a patron at David's Cafe. He was off-duty at the time. 

Juchnowski got out of his car, and the two got into an altercation. Juchnowski pulled out a can of pepper spray and used it on the driver. Witnesses interviewed by Miami Beach police weren't sure who started the fight, but the incident taking together with other factors was enough for MPD to decide to terminate Juchnowski. 

Though, the story doesn't end there. Lt. Ronald Chapman of the Miami Beach Police department issued a memo yesterday warning his officers of Juchnowski:

Today, his City equipment was taken from him by the Miami Police Department Internal Affairs Investigator. The investigator requested our agency be notified as the individual was extremely distraught after the firing. Responding officers should use extra caution when responding to the location. PSCU was advised and the address has been flagged to advise any responding officer of the possibility of encountering the individual who is believed to have personal firearms.

[Random Pixels:

Miami cop fired following road-rage incident


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