Miami Police Chief: Those With Heart Problems Shouldn't Break the Law To Avoid Being Tased

Police routinely use Tasers as a (usually) non-lethal alternative to guns, but they can occasionally lead to potential lethal problems like heart attacks and cardiac arrest. People with pre-existing health problems may be more at risk.

Well, sitting before the City of Miami Commission today, Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa came up with a novel solution to the problem: those with heart conditions just shouldn't break the law in the first place to avoid getting Tased.

Not sure exactly what those who have heart condition but may not know (Yay! America's health care system!) are supposed to do, though.

As part of today's agenda, commissioners are deciding whether to approve the purchase of 600 new Tasers for the police department at a price "not to exceed" $831,513.80.

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Kyle Munzenrieder