Are You the Victim of a Hate Crime? New Times and ProPublica Want to Know
Courtesy of ProPublica

Are You the Victim of a Hate Crime? New Times and ProPublica Want to Know

Since Donald Trump's election, minority groups have been under attack by hateful speech and unrelenting harassment. Jewish community centers across the nation have been the victims of bomb threats, and anti-Muslim groups have tripled. In Miami, a homeowner in Kendall lynched a dark-skinned dummy as a "Halloween decoration," and a white Trump voter taunted a black Starbucks barista by calling her "garbage" and "trash."

Nationally, though, cold, hard data on hate crimes and harassment is lacking. Though the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center keep some records, local jurisdictions aren't required to report incidents up the chain to federal authorities. No one agency is tracking incidents of harassment and intimidation — both online and in person — that might not rise to the level of police intervention.

Because of those deficiencies, ProPublica wants to know more. This year, the nonprofit's journalists are teaming up with reporters in newsrooms across the nation to document hate crimes that might otherwise go unreported. Documenting Hate is an ambitious attempt to create a comprehensive database of where hateful incidents occur and which groups are being targeted.

But the project aims to get the public involved too. That's why New Times is partnering with ProPublica and sharing its form for readers to report any hateful incidents they've encountered in South Florida. Locally, Univision and the University of Miami are also participating. The data submitted by users across the nation will not be reported to law enforcement or shared with anyone outside of the team working on the project.

If you have an incident to report, you can use the form below or visit ProPublica's website to submit your story or learn more.

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