Miami Named One of America's "Least Fit" Cities

For all the emphasis Miami places on looks, apparently as a city we aren't spending nearly enough time in the gym. According to the annual American Fitness Index, Miami ranks in the bottom ten of major American cities when it comes to keeping that booty in shape.

The AFI, compiled by the American College of Sports medicine, takes into account "health behaviors including smoking, exercise, obesity rates, chronic health problems and access to health care" according to USA Today. Factors like "availability of parks, recreational facilities, walking trails and farmers' markets" are also considered.

Out of the top 50 metro areas, the Miami area (which includes Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach) came in a disappointing 42nd. Oklahoma City came in 50th, while Minneapolis-St.Paul took the top spots.

The report could only find three good things to say about Miami: there's not a lot of people with asthma here, we have a high number of swimming pools per capita and a lot of rec centers. Just about everything else could use improvement. We have higher rates of diabetes, coronary heart disease, angina and mental health problems than other cities. The report also suggests we could use more urban park land, farmer's markets, dog parks, tennis courts and even golf courses.

The report found that 24.4 percent of residents in the Miami metro area are obese compared to a target goal of 21.3 percent. Just 49.2 percent of us are considered to be in excellent or very good health. They found that 15.1 percent of South Floridians smoke, and only 73.5 percent have health insurance.

You can read the full report on Miami here in PDF form.

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