Miami, Miami Beach and Hialeah Election Results: Live Blog

Will Matti Herrera Bower be able to slide past joke candidate turned semiserious competitor Steve Berke to regain her job as Miami Beach Mayor? Will Raul Martinez return once again to the seat of Hialeah Mayor he held for decades? Will there be any sort of serious shake up on the City of Miami Commission? Join us as we live blog the election results and fill in the blanks below!

City of Miami Elections
Commissioner District 1: Wilfredo "Willy" Gort (Incumbent)
Commissioner District 2: Marc Sarnoff (I) 

Miami Beach Elections 
Miami Beach Mayor: Matti Herrera Bower (I)
Miami Beach Group IV Commissioner: Deede Weithorn (I) 

Hialeah Elections
Mayor: Runoff Carlos Hendandez (I) vs Raul Martinez
Councilmember Group 1: Runoff Lourdes Lozano vs Alex Morales
Group 2: Jose Caragol (I) 
Group 3: Likely Runoff Vivian Casals-Munoz (I) vs Danny Bolanos
Group 4: Isis Garcia-Martinez (I)
Group 6: Runoff 'Pablito' Hernandez (I) vs Frank Lago

8:08 - With just 4 of 36 precincts in, it seems that Matti Bower may have the last laugh over Steve Berke. She has a commanding near 64% lead. 

8:09 - Meanwhile, with only 4 of 52 precincts in Hialeah reporting, it doesn't seem that Raul Martinez's approximently one billionith term as mayor is a sure thing. He's at 32 to Carlos Hernandez's 40 percent. Rudy Garcia isn't far behind at 26. 

8:12 - Neither incumbents in the Miami Commission races, Willy Gort and Marc Sarnoff, seem to be in any trouble yet, though only a few precincts are reporting. Though Sarnoff is right now only at 54% so a runoff is possible. 

8:17 - Still very few precincts are in in Hialeah,  and while all incumbents on the Council are leading their races, only Jose Caragol has anything that could be described as a commanding win.

8:27 - In fact, Hialeah voters seem to be the most fed up with their incumbents, but not sure what to do about it. With the numbers so far, not a single race is out of danger of heading to a runoff. 

8:35 - With 14 precincts now in, Marc Sarnoff is slipping closer to 50 percent, which would trigger a runoff. He's a little under 53 percent now. Kate Callahan is in second with about 19 percent, but Donna Millo isn't far off at almost 16%. Tackling someone in your front lawn, even a propane huffer, isn't the best pre-election press. 

8:43 - In Hialeah, Martinez and Hernandez were nearly tied in early voting, and Martinez is actually leading election day voting. Hernandez is still leading though, because he had a ~1,500 advantage in absentee ballots. Regardless, don't be surprised if Martinez gets the most votes tonight. 

9:03 - Incumbents in danger of facing runoffs: Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez, and Hialeah Council Members Jose Caragol, Vivian Casals-Munoz, and Pablito Hernandez.

9:04 - Additionally there are races tonight in Homestead, and CBS4 declares that Mayor Steve Bateman will serve a second term. 

9:14 - Finally! New numbers from the election site, and yet very few things have been made more clear. Though, with 24 of 30 precincts in, we're going to call Wilfredo 'Willy' Gort as the winner in Miami's District 1 commission race against Shawn Selleck. Not much of a surprise there!

9:18 - We're also going to say Miami Beach Commissioner Deede Weithorn has won reelection against Maria Meruelo. Bower's really in no danger, though her lead is erasing ever so slightly as more votes come in. We'll just let Berke's joke go on a little longer. 

9:21 - 32 of 36 precincts are in, and Herrera Bower leads with almost 60%, so, yeah, congrats on the third term Matti. We'll look forward to celebrating with you during next year's Urban Beach Week!

9:25 - Marc Sarnoff may just escape a runoff. With 29 of 37 precincts in, he has 53%. 

9:48 - Full results are in. They're all up above. Sarnoff managed to avoid a runoff with just under 53% of the vote. When you consider he was one of five names on the ballot, its somewhat impressive. 

9:49 - Meanwhile, Hialeah voters are not quite happy with their incumbents. Even the council members that did win reelection straight up, Isis Garcia-Martinez and Jose Caragol, did so with less than 55 percent. Vivian Casals-Munoz, as of right now, has just 49.19 percent of the vote and will likely head to a runoff, though, those results have not been certified.

9:52 - The Hialeah mayoral race will head to a runoff with Incumbent Carlos Hernandez pulling in just under 40 percent with former mayor Raul Martinez's just shy of 35%. The surprising factor: Hernandez only lead Martinez by 48 votes in election day voting, but Hernandez dominated in early and absentee voting. 

9:55 - And with that, we're signing off for the night. 

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