Miami Men's Lawsuit May Have Forced Apple to Make Major Change

Those of you with Apple iPhones running iOS 8 were probably notified today there's an update to the operating system. Most of the updates are relatively minor, but there's one big one that may very well be a result of a class-action lawsuit brought upon the tech giant by two Miami men, Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara.

The pair noticed that the iOS 8 operating system took up a giant amount of space on their phones and required users to have 5 GB of memory open just to download, install, and update the OS. For models that have just 16 GB of memory, that's a pretty big amount of space. The suit also claimed that Apple didn't properly inform customers of how much memory they would need to keep free for the update.

The only option to get more storage space offered by Apple is to buy access to its iCloud service.

So the pair filed a class-action lawsuit in California seeking $5 million on behalf of everyone who bought a recent iDevice with 16 GB of storage or less.

Well, Business Insider notes that the new update greatly reduces the amount of storage space that users must keep free in order to install the app. The timing suggests it may be in reaction to the suit.

Of course, the suit is still active and Apple's update doesn't fix how much memory the OS itself eats up once installed and updated.

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