Miami Man Sets Himself on Fire, Demands "Just Let Me Die"

A Miami man who reportedly set himself on fire started chanting "just let me die" when a family member tried to help. The man had attempted to burn himself and his Toyota Camry in front of his father-in-law's home.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, the man -- whom police haven't yet named -- went to his in-laws' home on the 2900 block of Southwest 4th St. on Saturday afternoon to look for his estranged wife (CBS Miami reports, however, that the two were never legally married). While his wife wasn't there, his father-in-law invited him inside. The unidentified man agreed, but said he needed to go to his car first.

The man didn't immediately return, and the father-in-law heard weird noises just before 4 pm. He went outside to find the car on fire, and then the man emerged from the driver's seat, engulfed in flames.

"The man was on fire from head-to-toe," neighbor Mildred Quintana told CBS Miami. "He was just walking back and forth. I think he was in shock."

The father-in-law tried to put the fire out, but the man started repeatedly saying, "Please let me die."

Thankfully, he didn't get his wish and survived the flames. He was taken to Ryder Trauma Center.

The fire also damaged two other cars at the home as well as electrical wiring. Fire crews had to cute power lines to the home, which left the in-laws temporarily powerless.

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