Miami Man Put Family Kitten in Refrigerator After Argument With Wife About Tampons
Courtesy of Miami-Dade Corrections

Miami Man Put Family Kitten in Refrigerator After Argument With Wife About Tampons

All a Miami woman wanted to do was stop at the Big Lots so she could buy some feminine products. All her husband, Rafael Chacon, 24, wanted to do apparently was act insane. Chacon, enraged by the idea of his wife wanting to buy her lady products, allegedly dragged out the argument until he put the family's kitten in the refrigerator and pulled a knife on his wife. 

The pair is only in their sixth month of marriage and had adopted a 4-month-old kitten for their two children. 

According to Local 10, Chacon and his wife started arguing in their car and continued to fight until they got home. Shortly after, Chacon pulled out a knife on his wife and yelled, in Spanish, "You will bleed today." 

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The wife took her children outside and called 911, but while inside Chacon allegedly took his rage out on the feline member of the family and put the cat in the fridge and shut the door. 

Police arrived and found Chacon walking outside and arrested him. The children went inside and then found the cat in the fridge. Unfortunately, the condition of the cat is unknown, but it had been in the fridge for about 40 minutes. 

Chacon faces charges of animal cruelty and assault with a deadly weapon.

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