Miami Judge Who Told Store Clerk To "Go Fuck Yourself" Fined $10,000 by Supreme Court

Perhaps no one in the history of Miami-Dade has faced more repercussions for telling someone to go fuck themselves than county Judge Jacqueline Schwartz. The Supreme Court of Florida didn't appreciate the judge's potty mouth, and has fined her $10,000 and suspended her 40 days for the incident.

The verbal barb was launched back around June of 2014 while Schwartz was running for reelection. She spotted an oversized campaign sign outside of the Kwik Stop in Coconut Grove. Schwartz was infuriated and asked to speak to the owner. He was out at the time, but Schwartz returned when owner Firas Hussain was on duty later that night. 

Since the sign for one of her opponents, Rachel Glorioso Dooley, was technically against regulation due to its size, Schwartz demanded that Hussain either remove it or allow her to place her own sign. 

Hussain denied both requests. 

That's when she told Hussain to "go and fuck yourself." 

The state's Judicial Qualifications Commission originally stepped in and forced Schwartz to write an apology letter to Hussain and issued her a public reprimand, but the state Supreme Court didn't think that was enough. So, according to the Miami Herald, in an unusual move, they stepped in. Yesterday they sent down their punishment: the $10,000 fine and suspending Schwartz from her Hialeah courtroom for 30 days without pay. Schwartz must also travel up to Tallahassee to receive a public reprimand from the judges. 

Schwartz's outburst brought some tabloid-worthy excitement to otherwise little noticed judicial races, and the Herald took the unusual step of revoking their endorsement. Schwartz did however accept the endorsement of violently anti-LGBT group the Christian Family Coalition. 

Despite her potty mouth, Schwartz, a 12 year veteran of the bench, went on to win reelection over general election opponent Frank Bocanegra but soon found herself in more hot water. 

She boasted at the time, "We have gone past the days when any nondescript Hispanic name could go on the ballot and defeat any Anglo sitting judge" in a boastful e-mail to supporters after her victory. The Cuban American Bar Association in turn issued a statement criticizing Schwartz for the language. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder