Miami is the Worst City in America to Find a Job

Looking for a job? Maybe you should also be looking for a new place to live outside South Florida. Not one, but two job listings sites have run the numbers and declared that the Miami metro area is the worst place to find a job in America. Sure, there may be places with higher unemployment, but according to their numbers, the ratio of people looking for jobs in Miami to job listings is just the absolute worst.

Indeed.com, a jobs listing aggregation site, uses unemployment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and compares them to the number of job listings in its database. They found that for every job listed in Miami, there are four people looking for work. That's the worst ratio in all the land. Los Angeles comes in second-to-worst with a 1:3 ratio.

SimplyHired.com says that picture is even more grim. They use a similar method to Indeed.com, and find that the ratio in Miami is actually one job listing for every eight people looking for work. Once again, Miami topped their list. (Indeed seems to include West Palm Beach as part of the Miami Metro Area, while SimplyHired does not, which might explain the difference).

Forbes.com warns that even the jobs available are likely not quality ones: "One major caveat with these rankings: They include listings of all sorts, including part-time positions and low-wage work. According to Indeed, two of the top five companies with the most current job listings are Taco Bell and Pizza Hut."

Basically, if you are a South Floridian with a job, well, you know what to be very thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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