Miami Is the Fifth-Best City for Lazy People

We're not saying Miami is full of lazy people. Certainly not. Though, if you want to live a life of leisure stripped of anything resembling real-world responsibilities, well, the city will certainly cater to you. Especially if you have the money.

This is the town that invented the tanning butler after all. That's a person who's paid to rub sunscreen on people who can't be bothered to do it themselves.

In fact, a little mashup of statistics has led Realtor.com to name Miami the fifth-best U.S. city for lazy people.

To come to the conclusion, the site looked at seven factors:

  1. Number of restaurants that offer delivery.
  2. Number of day spas and massage therapy centers.
  3. The percentage of homes on Realtor.com that have a hot tub, sauna, or steam room.
  4. Average hours of sleep.
  5. Average work hours per week.
  6. Average cost of a cleaning service.
  7. The number of available service apps such as Handy (housecleaning), Instacart (grocery shopping), Washio (laundry), Luxe (parking the car), Wag! (dog walking), Postmates (takeout and grocery delivery), and TaskRabbit (running errands).

The site didn't divulge the source of its data or all individual breakdowns, but Miami taking fifth place certainly seems to track. Lord knows that the city is littered with day spas and that there's no great shortage of hot tubs. The site also lists the average cost of a house cleaner in Miami as $136, which Realtor.com points out is a full $35 less than the going rate in New York. 

However, a Jawbone study in 2014 found that Miamians aren't the best at sleeping — we getting a little fewer than seven hours a night on average (no doubt thanks to the fact that we have the latest average bedtime in the nation).

There's a reason we aren't number one, we suppose. That honor went to our friends north on I-95 in Boca Raton. Orlando rounded out the Florida showings at number two. 

Of course, to afford the life of leisure available in Miami, one would certainly have to work hard for it. Things such as nightly restaurant delivery, app-assisted dog-walking, and weekly rubdowns don't come cheap. Considering the median family income in the city of Miami is pegged at just $33,379, few of us can probably afford to do so little. 

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