Miami is the 8th Best City to Get Married In (Except It's Pretty Expensive)

Yesterday we learned that Miami is one of the best cities to have a midlife crisis in. Perplexingly, it's also one of the best cities to get married in. At least according to a new WalletHub analysis. Now, before you start scratching your head, this analysis isn't about the chances of actually finding someone to marry (we all know dating is rough going down here), but rather what city it would be nice to actually have a wedding in. 

To come to the conclusion, WalletHub used a variety of factors including the prevalence of things likes bridal boutiques, event spaces, and wedding DJs as well as the average cost of a wedding. The country's 150 largest cities were all taken into account. 

Miami came in 8th overall. Here's the full top 10: 

1 Orlando, FL
3 Atlanta, GA 
4 Tampa, FL 
5 Springfield, MO 
6 Cincinnati, OH 
7 Salt Lake City, UT
8 Miami, FL 
9 Boise, ID 
10 Tucson, AZ

And here's how Miami fared on individual criteria: 

67th – Average Wedding Cost
28th – Number of Wedding Chapels & Churches per Capita
4th – Number of Bridal Shops per Capita
1st – Number of Flower Shops per Capita
1st – Number of Venues & Event Spaces per Capita
17th – Number of Attractions
13th – Number of Hotels per Capita
5th – Number of Musicians & DJs per Capita
5th – Number of Videographers & Photographers per Capita

Lord knows, Miami certainly has a lot of resources available when it comes to throwing a good party, but unfortunately, all that competition doesn't result in lower prices. Miami's worst ranking was for wedding costs. 

Hialeah also found itself ranked separately, and came in at the lowly rank of 108th. It had the second fewest wedding chapels and churches per capita of any city on the list. 

So throwing a wedding in Miami should be relatively easy. Saving up for it and actually finding a spouse might be the hardest part. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.