Miami is the 20th Gayest Metro Area in America

Hey, Miami, you wanna know how The Daily Beast knows you're gay? Because the Gay/Lesbian Index developed by demographer Gary Gates at UCLA's Williams Institute says so. The index measures the prevalence of same-sex households in metro areas, and the South Florida area made the top 20 with 4.81 same-sex households per 1,000. 

Though, on the list, we're a bottom. We came in at 20 out of 20. Meaning, surprisingly, cities such as Dallas, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; and Ithaca, New York, are gayer than we are. Or at least they have more same-sex couples living together. So we might very well have more gays and lesbians living out and proud than, say, Dallas, but fewer of them are living together. Which, given the general trend among couples, gay or straight, and a social scene valuing singledom, isn't very surprising. 

However, the study shows that out of those same-sex households, a whopping 63 percent are composed of two males. 

The gayest metro area, as you might imagine, is San Francisco. Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, however, is the only metro area on the list located in the Southeast.

Richard Florida at the Daily Beast points out a lot of interesting correlations among areas with more same-sex households, including higher property values, more emotional attachment to a community, and higher rates of economic performance. So, gay households at least seem to be associated with good things for a community. It's too bad the state government does just about everything possible to deny those same-sex households equal rights. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.