Miami is One of the Cheapest, But Most Dishonest Places to Get Your Car Fixed

Almost like visiting a surgeon, an undertaker or a divorce lawyer, heading to a car repair shop is never a fun time. With Miami's reputation for dirty driving and traffic, it's something we've all had to do. Oddly, a new study by AutoMD.com shows that while Miami may be the cheapest big city in the country to get your car fixed, local auto repair shops also lacks integrity. Yep, cheap and dirty.

The website called over 600 auto repair shops in the 50 biggest cities in the country asking for a quote for a front brake replacement job for a Ford Focus. They then called back two weeks later and informed the shop of the industry standard price before asking for a quote. Shops that changed the price by more than 5 percent factored into a city's integrity rate.

Miami ranked first for the cheapest quotes given, with the highest being $190, the lowest being only $90, and the average being $127. The highest price given in the country was $545 in Honolulu.

Unlike other cities, where prices could vary by as much as 400 percent, Miami's prices were relatively with in the same range.

However, when called back two weeks later an astounding 92 percent of shops changed their quote. Miami came in 48th out of 50 in the integrity index.

Overall Miami came in at 16th, with Memphis being the fairest place to get your car fixed and Chicago being the worst.

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