Miami is One of the Angriest Cities in America

Nothing pisses us off more than these statisically-flawed, silly little city rankings lists. Just in the past few weeks we've learned that Miami is one of America's most rude, vain, and miserable cities. Fittingly, Men's Health now tells us that when it comes to anger issues we're in the top ten. 

The fitness and health rag based their ratings on "aggravated assaults per capita (FBI), the number of people with high blood pressure (CDC), the amount of time spent in traffic during rush hour (Texas Transportation Institute), and the number of anger-management specialists per capita (American Psychological Association)." The inclusion of traffic was a pretty good tip-off we weren't going to come off on the serene end of the list. 

In fact, we're number ten (or as the mag for some reason lists it, the 91st least-non-angry). Here's the top ten: 

100 Detroit, MI

99 Baltimore, MD

98 St. Petersburg, FL

97 Las Vegas, NV

96 Newark, NJ

95 Charleston, WV

94 Dallas, TX

93 Houston, TX

92 Philadelphia, PA

91 Miami, FL

Burlington, VT is apparently America's least angry city. They've got gay marriage and lots of coat factories up there, which is apparently enough to make anyone happy.

As for most of these lists we have no idea if they mean the actual City of Miami, all of Miami-Dade or the greater South Florida region.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.