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Miami Hurricanes Unveil Ugly New Uniform, Consider Future Game at Yankee Stadium

Never mind Danielle, Earl and Fionna. Miami's real Hurricane season kicks off tomorrow as the University of Miami takes on FAMU. Though, a day before the kickoff there's two interesting tidbits of Hurricanes news. At an event earlier today in NYC, Nike unveiled a new special edition uniform that, at first glance anyway, is burning our eyes. Also out of New York: rumors that the Canes may schedule a 2013 game at Yankee Stadium.

For the second year in a row Miami has been chosen as one of a handful of teams to receive a special edition Nike Pro Combat Series uniform. The high-tech, light weight uniforms are designed specifically for each team, and Miami liked last year's rather simple white uniform so much they wore it twice.

This year's however is heavy on the Orange and is giving us visions of Aquaman. Actually, the uniform's color scheme rather resembles one already worn, coincidentally, by the FAMU Rattlers. We've talked to some people who like it though, so maybe it's a matter of personal opinion.

We do however very much like the sweet looking all green helmet and shoes. You can view a slideshow of the uniform here. If you look closely you'll see that a palm frond print is incorporated into various elements. The Canes will wear the uniform during the November 20th game against Virginia Tech, though they have the option to use the new get up during other games as they did last year.

Another bit of Hurricane news out of NYC: The Hurricanes are in discussion about playing a 2013 game in Yankee Stadium. We bet A-Rod is excited. The Canes once played a Bowl game back in the '60s in the old Yankee Stadium, but like much of College football hasn't returned to the Big Apple. No word on who the opponent would be. Outside of ACC play the Canes already have games scheduled in 2013 against USF and, of course, Florida.

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