Miami Hurricanes Under NCAA Investigation for Text Messages

Earlier today, Dan LeBatard sent fears down the spine of Hurricane fans by announcing on his radio show that the Miami Herald would be breaking a negative story about the sports program this afternoon. Well it's here, and it a minor little thing that involves, uh, text messages.

Apparently, coaches from the football team, women's track team and maybe the baseball team were sending text messages to recruits that broke some NCAA rules. The investigation has been going on since January.

UM self-reported the incident after discovering the text messages internally.

"Though individual text-messaging episodes would normally be categorized by the NCAA as secondary violations, collectively they could be considered a major violation, which is believed to be the case for the UM program. The sanctions in this type of case are usually not harsh," says the Herald .

The NCAA banned coaches from text messaging recruits back in 2007, because of the potential cost to the students. However, as long as it's within the approved period, coaches can Facebook message recruits. Is Twitter allowed as long as there are no DMs? Can coached follow a recruit on Tumblr? What exactly are the rules on all of these? Hmm?

So this is your Miami Hurricanes under Randy Shannon: the biggest scandals involve text messages and inane NCAA rules.

[Herald: UM investigated by NCAA for `impermissible text messages']

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