Miami Hurricanes Lost Two Things This Weekend: a Game to Clemson and All Hope

Never underestimate those Miami Hurricanes. Tell them their opening stretch against four ranked opponents is the gridiron equivalent of a minefield in which they might get blown away, and they'll rack up three wins. Tell them the rest of their season should be a breeze, and they'll somehow lose at home to unranked Clemson. Oy.

The Tigers and Canes battled for points all night in a game with an astounding ten lead changes where neither team was able to get ahead by more than four points. The Canes ended up losing in OT after Clemson answered their field goal with a touchdown. 

We're not expert game recappers, but here are a few questions.

  • Clemson's CJ Spiller was's number one recruit in Florida the year he graduated, so how did he end up in South Carolina at ACC also-ran Clemson? Well, we were wishing he would have ended up anywhere else after his 90-yard kick-off return touchdown. 
  • How again, exactly, do you get a penalty for 12 men on the field right after a time out? 
  • During his run as defensive coordinator, Randy Shannon was one of the best in the league. Even during the dark last days of Larry Coker, you could still point to the Hurricanes' D as a bright spot. So why has that not continued with Shannon as head coach? 
  • Who will wipe away the tears? 

Along with the loss, the Canes saw their chances at a BCS title game slip away -- OK, they were slim before, and maybe mentioned only because people are sick of assuming it's going to be Alabama or Florida versus Texas. But more importantly and realistically, they saw their hopes of their first ACC title damaged, probably beyond repair. 

There is some fleeting good news. CBS's Bowl Predictions change every week and are essentially meaningless, but they currently predict the Canes in the Gator Bowl against Notre Dame. There might not be any convicts left on the Canes, and how many Fighting Irish players are actually Catholic? But a onetime renewal of that rivalry would be pretty tempting.


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