Miami Herald Really Wants You To Know Its Reporter Got Arrested For DUI

There was a strange news story published on Miami Herald's website Wednesday.

The article, titled "Herald writer charged with DUI, leaves paper," reported that little-known Neighbors reporter Jose Cassola was pulled over for running a stop sign with his headlights off at 4 am on Monday. He admitted to the officer that he had been drinking vodka.

The story gets weird, though, when it notes that Cassola had given his notice that he was quitting the paper that Friday, and his last day was this Tuesday.

Commenters on the article have noted that-- especially the way the headline is written, implying that he was fired for a DUI-- Cassola's former bosses seem to be giving him a firm kick on the ass on his way out.

As "MrMuddle" puts it: "Should have been 'Outgoing Herald writer charged with DUI.' Or, better yet, who cares? This really isn't a story except inside the walls of One Herald Plaza."

We prefer this other commenter's suggestion: "former Herald reporter drunk, driving with lights off, runs stop sign, gets promotion and finds policeman."

We reached out to Cassola for his take, but haven't heard back. Random Pixels' Bill Cooke tried to get an explanation from Herald managing editor Rick Hirsch, who declined to comment, calling it a "personnel matter".

So then... why write about it at all?

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Gus Garcia-Roberts