Miami Herald, Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Hanging around our newspaper shelf, where copies of every local publication for us to look through are kept, I picked up a copy of today's Miami Herald, because yes, I still enjoy reading things printed on paper -- plus, it's cool now because no else is doing it. Well, I happened to stumble on the paper's Weekend section with a cover teasing Winter Music Conference, announcing a "Sound Invasion."

But wait. Where have I seen this cover before? I know I've seen it somewhere.

Oh yea! When we did a similar cover for our Art Basel edition late last year. Not that I'm saying our cover is super groundbreaking -- it's not. Actually, our cover is a piece titled Godzilla by Bill's Kitchen that was on display at ArtCenter/South Florida during Basel. So unlike the Herald's version, our fictional Japanese creature isn't attacking the Magic City.

That being said, I feel like playing a game of who did it better. So everybody, who did it better?

(By the way, if the Herald wins, I'm going to assume all the staffers at One Herald Plaza cheated and voted for their own cover.)

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