Miami Herald: Hip to the Cool As Always

From the H-bomb's' front page yestserday:

"It's about 1:30 in the morning, and the college crowd at Apples Martini Bar in Coconut Grove is majoring in shaking some serious booty."

Run that by me one more time? "majoring in shaking some serious booty."

Majoring in what now? ". . . shaking some serious booty."

Someseriouswhatnow? ... Anyway.

Although the story features a shared byline - city beat Michael Vasquez and intern Sarah Tompkins - Vasquez admitted over the phone that the vernacular-employing gem of a sentence was his. "I'd like to give our intern credit for that," he said. "But it was me."

As for the 1:30 A.M. bit -- the time, according to the article, that "a handful of twenty-something women sway to the music on table tops, while others get down on a crowded dance floor," -- both reporters, Vasquez said, were present.

-- Isaiah Thompson

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