Miami Heat's James Jones Get His Very Own Hypnotic, Stonerwave Music Video

Are you a Miami sports fan who sometimes like to get high and look at weird things online (because if you come to Riptide for sports news, then you very well might be)? Well, it's been a good few weeks for you. Just after some weird "Dolphinception" video hit the web, we can now present you with this bizarre but wonderfully hypnotic music video about James Jones. How bizarre? Well the YouTube tags include "Sleep disorders," "Sleep studies," "Science," "Astral Travel," "Out Of Body Experience," "Dancers," "Babes," "Kittens," and "Puppies."

Unfortunately, James Jones himself was not involved in the making of this video. He was too busy scoring all of two points last night, you know. The real forces behind it are actually some of Miami's creative community heavyweights.

The track is attributed to the band Sleepwalker. Never heard of them? Well, while we usually defer to Crossfade on such matter, we'll go ahead and say that ANR is perhaps Miami's best band. Sleepwalker is a side project that also involves Jared McKay. McKay makes up one half of Coral Morphologic, perhaps Miami's best live coral-based artists. The video was commissioned by the Borscht Film Festival crew, perhaps Miami's best filmmaking crew. They're also know apparently now going by the name of Bosh Film Festival. As in Chris Bosh.

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We know everyone else thinks Miami is some shallow city for douchebags, but Dear Lord this town is so fucking weird sometimes in the best way possible and we love it.

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