Miami Heat vs. Toronto Raptors: It's All About the U

Udonis Haslem will rock your face off. It's just that simple.

Last night, the Heat overcame a 17-point deficit to defeat the visiting Toronto Raptors 97-94. Haslem led the team with 23 points, with the help of some guy named Dwyane Wade. With Wade doing all the heavy lifting for the Heat (we know, shocking), the Raptors had a large lead in the second half, going six for ten from the three-point line and getting a big game from their giant Italian, Andrea Bargnani.

But with 25 minutes to play -- and the chance of climbing the playoff-seeding ladder fading with every minute -- Haslem came off the bench to replace an ineffective Michael Beasley. Haslem proceeded to release the Kraken all over the Raptors' asses. He poured in 11 in the fourth, hitting all five of his final shots and capping an outstanding 10-for-11 night.

His most pivotal shot came with less than two minutes to play, tying the game at

89 and sealing Miami's momentum grab. The Raptors flailed away with

every possession, and the Heat didn't look back. They took the lead,

finishing off their biggest comeback of the season. Last night's win

surpassed a 13-point deficit overcome against the Phoenix Suns earlier

this season.

The win is Miami's fifth straight, keeping the team sixth in the East and

just one game behind Milwaukee, which they beat Friday. And with just

eight games left in the regular season, there's little room for error.

But if we get more games like this from U, there won't be much to worry


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Chris Joseph