Miami Heat Tied for Fifth Spot in the Playoffs

We laid out the scenario for how the Heat could move up in the playoff rankings, and everything seems to be going as planned. The team is now tied with Bucs for the fifth spot, after beating the Knicks 111-98. Nice way to rebound from Friday's home loss to the Pistons, which put a crimp in their late-season winning streak. Though, the Bucs do own the tiebreaker, if it comes down to that.

Problem is that the Hawks surpassed the Celtics for the 3rd spot. Miami is 0-3 against Boston this season. Meanwhile they're 3-1 against the Hawks. Those standings could all change, but given the regular season record it might be best for the Heat if they draw the Hawks, no matter what the standings. [Herald]

  • Soon to be free agent Dwyane Wade says he wants to be wooed a little bit before deciding where to sign next year. Pat Riley better check his breath and learn how to smile with his eyes. [NYPost]
  • Meanwhile, TeamUSA might want to get on it's woo-ing swagger, because now Wade says he hasn't ruled out playing with the team this summer. [CBS4]
  • A decision in the Jason Taylor-Jets saga won't be made until mid-week, at the earliest. Surely JT isn't dragging his feet waiting for the Dolphins to act. [ESPN]
  • Hurricanes baseball had a kinda crappy weekend, and dropped its series to VaTech 1-2. [Herald]
  • The Marlins managed to rally from four runs behind, to beat the Dodgers. [Herald]

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Kyle Munzenrieder