Miami Heat Playoff Games Will Look like Goth Festivals

Black is the color or mourning, evil and high school goths who's parents just don't understand. It is also now the color of the Miami Heat's playoff hopes. Every time the Heat get into the playoffs they seem to get color crazy, picking red, white or black to rally around. This year black is the new black, as their repeating the scheme from last year.

"Black is Back 2010 re-establishes the color Black as the focal point for all playoff-related activities, with the color Black serving as a community-wide rallying point; something everyone in South Florida can get behind and participate in. Black will not only be the color fans wear to the game, it will become a recognizable symbol of support for the HEAT in all daily activities," read the press release.

It's very chic, no?

Of course, we don't care what gimmick the marketing department pushes out. We just want to see the Heat win, win, win until our heads explode in a rainbow of joy when they take home the championship. Which will happen. And if it doesn't, well, at least we'll all be dressed in the appropriate color.

The Heat take on the Celtics in Boston tomorrow night at 8 p.m.

To get in the mood we wanted to play some AC/DC, but YouTube embedding is blocked. Instead enjoy this version of "Back in Black" by the Foo Fighters and Jack Black.

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