Miami Heat: Justin Bieber of the NBA

The Heat kicked off their annual circus road trip with a craptastic effort against the New York Knicks, losing 102-92. The Heat really wasted your time Thursday night, They laughed off terrible miscues all night, played awful defense, and overall just looked like the game was unimportant to them. You would think on a night when a team is disinterested, the one thing they could do is shoot free throws. Negative, they shot 11-21 from the "nobody is guarding you" line.

I'm not even going to go into what players scored, none of them "led" in anything, so just assume all zeros, just like their effort.

The Heat continue to do that thing where they pack just enough shits given. If they end up needing more, someone just runs to the 7-11 across the street from the hotel. Whatever game the other team prefers to play, the Heat will do that, and they normally win. They continue to misbehave, but continue to be rewarded, they are the Justin Bieber of the NBA. Once in awhile though, they get caught banging hookers and pissing in mop buckets, that was last night.

Wade continues to flash moments that remind you just how great he can be when healthy. "Flash" always contained an element of luck on plays like this, but when he isn't healthy, he can't even get in a position to get lucky. On a night when the Heat played like straight trash, you have to look for some positives, and Wade continuing to look great is one. Well, he was 0-6 from the free throw line, but other than that he looked fan-freaking-tastic. Sigh.

LOL Knicks, you had one job. With just seven tenths of a second left before the end of the first quarter, you would think the Knicks could locate the best player on the planet, but nope. If not for there being under a second left, LeBron very may well have torn the goal straight off it's supports. Being the smart player that he is, he realized his awesomeness can't be rushed, and turned it into a cute little finger roll.

Your LeBron James poster of the night.

Even when the Knicks win, Spike Lee continues to take wardrobe L's, what the hell is this? Someone needs to stop this man.

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