Miami Heat 2009-10 Season Unveiled

The Miami Heat's full 2009-10 schedule was released upon the world today. Dwyane Wade and company will kick off the season with a home game October 28 against the New York Knicks (who are somehow still considered a professional basketball organization). 

Things get interesting, not to mention challenging, when we meet our ol' friend Shaq and his new playmates LeBron James and the rest of the Cleveland Cavs November 12. Other matchups of note include an away game in New York on Christmas Day, two games against defending champs and ultimate Odom-snaggers the L.A. Lakers (December 4 away, and March 4 home), and four games throughout the season against the Orlando Magic. 

Complete schedule after the jump. With that squared away, maybe we can get serious about making our roster seem a bit more complete. 

Wed 28 vs New York 7:30pm

Fri 30 @ Indiana 8:00pm

Sun 01 vs Chicago 6:00pm

Tue 03 vs Phoenix 7:30pm

Wed 04 @ Washington 7:00pm

Fri 06 vs Denver 7:30pm

Tue 10 vs Washington 7:30pm

Thu 12 vs Cleveland 8:00pm

Sat 14 vs New Jersey 7:30pm

Tue 17 vs Oklahoma City 7:30pm

Wed 18 @ Atlanta 7:00pm

Fri 20 @ Toronto 7:00pm

Sun 22 vs New Orleans 6:00pm

Wed 25 @ Orlando 7:30pm

Fri 27 vs Washington 7:00pm

Sun 29 vs Boston 6:00pm

Tue 01 @ Portland 10:00pm

Thu 03 @ Denver 10:30pm

Fri 04 @ LA Lakers 10:30pm

Sun 06 @ Sacramento 9:00pm

Fri 11 vs Dallas 7:30pm

Sun 13 vs Memphis 6:00pm

Tue 15 vs Toronto 7:30pm

Thu 17 vs Orlando 8:00pm

Sun 20 vs Portland 6:00pm

Wed 23 vs Utah 7:30pm

Fri 25 @ New York 12:00pm

Sun 27 vs Indiana 6:00pm

Wed 30 @ New Orleans 8:00pm

Thu 31 @ San Antonio 7:00pm

Sat 02 vs Charlotte 3:30pm

Mon 04 vs Atlanta 7:30pm

Wed 06 vs Boston 7:30pm

Fri 08 @ Phoenix 9:00pm

Sun 10 @ LA Clippers 3:30pm

Mon 11 @ Utah 9:00pm

Wed 13 @ Golden State 10:30pm

Fri 15 @ Houston 8:30pm

Sat 16 @ Oklahoma City 8:00pm

Tue 19 vs Indiana 7:30pm

Wed 20 @ Charlotte 7:00pm

Fri 22 @ Washington 7:00pm

Sat 23 vs Sacramento 7:30pm

Mon 25 vs Cleveland 7:30pm

Wed 27 @ Toronto 7:00pm

Fri 29 @ Detroit 8:00pm

Sat 30 @ Milwaukee 8:30pm

Mon 01 vs Milwaukee 7:30pm

Wed 03 @ Boston 8:00pm

Thu 04 @ Cleveland 8:00pm

Sat 06 @ Chicago 8:00pm

Tue 09 vs Houston 7:30pm

Wed 10 @ Atlanta 7:00pm

Tue 16 @ Philadelphia 7:00pm

Wed 17 @ New Jersey 7:30pm

Fri 19 @ Memphis 8:00pm

Sat 20 @ Dallas 8:30pm

Tue 23 vs Minnesota 7:30pm

Sat 27 vs Milwaukee 3:30pm

Sun 28 @ Orlando 7:00pm

Tue 02 vs Golden State 7:30pm

Thu 04 vs LA Lakers 8:00pm

Sat 06 vs Atlanta 7:30pm

Tue 09 @ Charlotte 7:00pm

Wed 10 vs LA Clippers 7:30pm

Fri 12 vs Chicago 7:30pm

Sun 14 vs Philadelphia 6:00pm

Tue 16 vs San Antonio 7:30pm

Thu 18 vs Orlando 7:00pm

Sat 20 vs Charlotte 7:30pm

Mon 22 @ New Jersey 7:30pm

Thu 25 @ Chicago 8:00pm

Fri 26 @ Milwaukee 8:30pm

Sun 28 vs Toronto 6:00pm

Wed 31 @ Detroit 7:30pm

Fri 02 @ Indiana 7:00pm

Sat 03 @ Minnesota 8:00pm

Wed 07 vs Philadelphia 7:30pm
Fri 09 vs Detroit 7:30pm

Sun 11 @ New York 6:00pm

Mon 12 @ Philadelphia 7:00pm

Wed 14 vs New Jersey 8:00pm

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