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Miami Has Seventh Worst Traffic in America

Sky blue. Sun sets. Miami traffic bad. It hardly seems like news, but somehow it's comforting to be reminded periodically that traffic in Miami really is among the worst in America and we're not just imagining it.

Turns out those TomTom GPS devices do more than help people get from point A to B. They also capture real-life travel times and help the company understand traffic congestion based on hard data. The firm has released its annual TomTom Traffic Index this week [PDF here], and, unsurprisingly, Miami has some of the worst traffic in America. It's ranked seventh worst in the United States and 14th in all of the North and South American countries TomTom covers.

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The report uses the TomTom congestion level. That means driving time increased by traffic compared to the time it would take to make the same trip when traffic is free-flowing.

Miami's congestion level is 24 percent, meaning traffic congestion makes your average trip 24 percent longer than it would be without congestion.

During the morning rush hour, it reaches an average peak of 42 percent. During the evening commute, it reaches a peak of 50 percent.

Traffic, meanwhile, is usually more congested on nonhighways (32 percent) than it is on highways (just 12 percent).

The data comes from 2013 and includes traffic data from Broward County as well.

TomTom found that drivers should be expected to be delayed by 27 minutes for each hour in traffic during peak times. On average, Miami drivers with a 30-minute commute will be delayed in traffic for about 71 hours each year.

Miamians experience the worst traffic Wednesday morning, while the lightest traffic congestion is Friday.

In the afternoon, it's a different story. Traffic is lightest Monday afternoon and heaviest Friday afternoon.

In case you're wondering, the most congested day last year occurred Friday, February 15, 2013. It happened to be a rainy day when a series of early-morning crashes occurred on the Dolphin Expressway. All westbound lanes of 836 were shut down throughout the morning.

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